Pastoral Care Overview


“Perfection does not consist in performing extraordinary actions, but rather in performing extraordinarily well the ordinary actions of every day.”

                                                                                            ​Catherine McAuley


When your child is enrolled at McAuley College, they are placed into a​ Pastoral Care group, which is directly linked to their House. This group meets the every day for administration with their Pastoral Care teacher/s.

There are many other activities conducted throughout the year to strengthen the student’s identity with their House and Pastoral Care group including House Celebrations, Pastoral Care shared lunches and Mercy Day celebrations. The four House groups, Bojaxhiu, Frassat​i, MacKillop and Steele are inspired by both local and global citizens who shared a similar vision to Catherine McAuley, and whose actions reflect the Gospel values modelled by Jesus.

As the College grows and introduces more year levels, the Pastoral Care system will be vertical in nature and your child will have students from Years 7 to 12 in their Pastoral Care group. It will become their ‘school family’ and offer support and encouragement during the difficult times and as well as celebrate the good times of life.

The Pastoral Care teacher will be a great point of first contact for parents.