Our Staff

​​​​​​​The staff at McAuley College provide exceptional care to the students and their families, as we strive to deliver a quality, holistic education. Teaching and non-teaching staff invest their time, energy and skills into creating a learning environment that is safe and supportive of each young person in our care. We pride ourselves on our welcoming and inclusive approach to all members of the wider community.

The College invests in extensive Professional Learning opportunities for staff to maintain their currency and develop their skills in delivering a contemporary and relevant curriculum to the students of McAuley College. Our staff model the importance of lifelong learning through their continued engagement in additional study.

​McAuley College Staff 2022
​The College Leadership Team​
Deidre Young
Michael Darcy
​​Deputy Principal​
David Harris​​Assistant Principal, Religious Education
James Dolan
Acting Assistant  Principal, Administration
Middle Leaders
​Ashleigh Beattie (Maternity Leave)
Pamela Brechin
​Pastoral Leader - Year 11 and 12
Acting Pastoral Leader - Year 11 and 12
Stephen Woodley
​Acting Pastoral Leader - Year 9 and 10
Stephen Moriarty
Pastoral Leader - Year 7 and 8
Madonna Johnston
Curriculum Leader - Year 11 and 12
​Cathy Hunt
Curriculum Leader - Year 9 and ​​10
Melanie Burr
Curriculum Leader - Year 7 and 8
​​Tenielle Brimson
​Curriculum Leader - Mathematics and Numeracy
​​Jayne Heit
Pathways Leader
Megan Field
Cultural Leader 
Amy Richards
Sports Leader​ 
​​​Teaching Staff
​Pamela Brechin
​Chrissie Brown
​Alice Carwardine
​Michael Colley
Jack Costa
​Zachary Cunningham​
John-Michael Downey
​​Hope Frawley
Fred Hundy
Elizabeth Jones
​​Luis Leon Leon
Paul McClure
Tess Macoboy
Katie Mann
Ashleigh O'Connell
Candice Oudyn
Lisa Smith
​Cassandra Trewin
Stephen Woodley
Glenn Walton
Specialist Staff
​​Melanie Burr
​Bianca Carroll
School Officer - Learning Support​​
Frances Frawley
Science Laboratory Technician
Kym Houston
Guidance Counsellor​​
​Christine Harman
Guidance Counsellor
​Jessica O'Donoghue
Campus Minister
​​Natalie Storrs
​​Support Teacher Inclusive Education
​Tracey Sawyer
​​School Officer - Learning Support
​​Margaret Timms
Support Staff - Co-Teacher
Auxiliary Staff
Cindy Carruthers 
Business Manager
Rod Ardrey
Bus Driver
​Julie Condrick
Administration Assistant - Student Services
Sharyn Dent
​Finance Secretary/Administration Assistant
​Stephen Ducat
​​Grounds P​erson/Maintenance Officer
Gary Marsh
IT Technician
​Sonya Riddle
Classroom Support Officer/Canteen Convenor​
​Peter Palmer
Classroom Support Officer (Design Technologies) 
Deirdre Parkins
College Secretary
Myleigh Taylor
Senior Schooling Support Officer