Curriculum Years 7 to 8

​​​The Years 7 to 8 Curriculum is designed to facilitate a smooth transition into secondary school whist introducing the students to a broad base of subjects. The curriculum is structured around Core subjects and Specialist Rotational subjects.

In Years 7 to 8, the programs of study are based on the Australian Curriculum. The Religious Education Program is based on the Archdiocesan Religious Education Guidelines.

​​​​​​Years 7 to 8
Curriculum Overview
​​​​​All Years 7 and 8 students are part of a vertical Pastoral Care (PC) group. 

The PC group meet each morning to start the day, receive daily messages and have the roll marked.

CORE (Whole Year)
A cycle is a fortnight.  A lesson is one hour in length.
Religious Education (6 lessons per cycle)
English (8 lessons per cycle)
Mathematics (8 lessons per cycle)​
Science (4 lessons per cycle)
Health & Physical Education (4 lessons per cycle)
Sport (2 lessons per cycle)​

​CORE (Semester)​
4 lessons per cycle

4 lessons per cycle
Agricultural Studies
Design Technologies (Food Specialisation)
Design Technologies (Mat & Eng)
Digital Technologies
Economics and Business (Civics)​
Media Art
Visual Art