Learning Support

Learning Support structures at McAuley College are varied and responsive to the needs of the students. While the support offered is mainly inclusive, at times, students may be withdrawn from lessons to receive more intensive one-on-one or small group assistance.

The Support Teacher - Inclusive Education partners with teachers in advising and planning and implementing the necessary adjustments for students with disabilities and learning difficulties, to afford all students access to the mainstream curriculum and success with their learning. The Support Teacher – Inclusive Education co-teaches and assists teachers in embedding a variety of strategies for support within their lessons.

At McAuley College, Co-Teachers and ​School Officers are employed to provide assistance with learning support and enrichment, working primarily in mainstream classes offering inclusive support; general, and individual for identified students, under the direction of the class teacher. As required, McAuley College also employs the services of other professional such as a Speech Pathologist.

​​McAuley College Learning Support promotes and enhances collaborative partnerships with parents, teachers, support staff, specialists and of course, the students to maximise the learning potential of each individual.