​SERVE is one of the touchsto​nes of our College motto and highlights our priority to be a community that is inspired by the example of Jesus and the Sisters of Mercy, to be committed to social justice and of service to others. 

Each student is empowered to be a person of action as they seek out ways to be positive contributors to their family, school and local and global community.  Through our serving opportunities our students develop an awareness of the blessings in their lives, the needs of others and their ability to make a difference.

The College explores opportunities in areas such as Project Compassion, St Vincent de Paul and the Able Christmas Appeal, as well as participating in other activities that raise awareness like "Bullying No Way", "RUOK Day", drought, fire and flood appeals, and service programs linked to each of our House Celebration days, such as, Birthing Kits in partnership with Zonta.