​​​McAuley College provides an affordable education. As a Catholic school, we rely on a contribution of fees from parents to ensure our College is sustainable in the delivery of a quality and contemporary education.
I invite parents to refer to the attached Annual School Fees & Levies required when your child is enrolled at McAuley College.
The College endeavours to make this fee inclusive of all costs, however, there may be additional charges which will be kept to a minimum. As part of the enrolment process there is also an Application Fee of $100.00 and a Confirmation Fee of $200.00.  These  are additional to the fees and levies outlined below.

Payment of Fees
The preferred methods of payment are Direct Debit Agreement, BPoint Agreement, BPoint Link, BPay payments or Centrepay Deductions (direct from your Centrelink payments). Forms are available below for these payment options. 

We also have a link for online Credit Card Fee Payment only (BPoint)

Payments may also be made via EFTPOS (Mastercard, Visa or Debit C​ard) at the College main reception or over the phone (MOTO).

All fees should be paid in full by the end of Term 4 each year.

Fee Concessions
Fees Concessions may be negotiated for families experiencing financial hardship. Contact should be made with the Business Manager to discuss this option at 5542 3000.

For further information, contact the College on 5542 3000 or email on  mcauleyfinance@bne.catholic.edu.au.​