​McAuley College delivers a comprehensive, broad curriculum across all years in a contemporary learning environment. 

The curriculum is organised around three phases of learning being Years 7-8, Years 9-10 and Years 11-12. The initial phase provides a broad curriculum in a digitally rich and innovative learning environment. As students move across the phases there will be an opportunity for greater choice in planning each individual student’s learning program. 

The College Curriculum operates in close partnership with several other educational authorities to provide learning that is relevant, contemporary, and engaging, and is aligned in its priorities with the goals of the Alice Springs (Mpamtwe) Education Declaration.

The Australian Curriculum is the source of planning, assessment and reporting for all areas defined by the curriculum in Years 7-10.  The Religious Education program is based on the Archdiocesan Religious Education Guidelines.  In Years 11-12, General and Applied subjects are taught following the specific guidelines provided by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).  All other courses follow the required guidelines as provided by the specific provider or Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

In the Senior Years, students will be able to engage in a range of learning experiences spanning academic and vocational pathways. The College curriculum is responsive to the needs of our students and that of our local area, the Scenic Rim, with subjects in the areas of Agriculture, Health and Tourism. ​

Committed to the education of the whole person, learning also focuses on our commitment to the social and emotional wellbeing of students through the delivery of a Pastoral Care program and a rich and engaging co-curricular program. ​

Our priority that every student can learn and has the right to learn...underpins all our frameworks and programs from our curriculum, Religious Life, Pastoral Care and wellbeing, and co-curricular opportunities, and embraces at the heart of our work, the principles, and aspirations of the Alice Spring Declaration.​