​At McAuley College, the holistic education of our students is prioritised as we strive to offer culturally rich experiences throughout the academic year. Through participating in the numerous cultural activities offered, students are empowered to develop self-confidence, self-discipline, communication and collaboration skills, emotional intelligence, and higher order and creative thinking skills. Involvement in such aspects of school life increases students’ sense of purpose, sense of belonging, and offers the opportunity to expand friendship groups.

The engagement within the Cultural Program at McAuley College culminates in an Arts Evening showcase, held in Term Four. The event is a platform for all projects, opportunities, individuals, and groups to present their achievements throughout the year.

2019-02-20MC-5379 (1).jpgInstrumental Music Program
The co-curricular Instrumental Music Program offers students the opportunity to participate in lessons with specialist teachers, with an array of performance opportunities on offer throughout the year. Lessons are currently available on:

Guitar & Bass Guitar​Piano​


To complement the Instrumental Music Program is a variety of Ensembles for our musicians to join including the College Choir, Core Choir (audition-based choir), Guitar Ensemble, Rock Band, School Band, and Strings Ensemble. Students are also invited to contribute to Music Ministry, which is an ensemble specifically for the provision of music for the College’s liturgies and masses throughout the year.

Students are encouraged to sign up to lessons and or join ensembles regardless of experience as such involvement contributes greatly to the overall experience at McAuley College. Performance opportunities are prioritised throughout the year with through local and wider community events, as well as the participation at well-known competitions such as Queensland Colleges’ Music Festival and Queensland Youth Music Awards.
2019-02-20MC-5343 (1).jpgDrama Club
Furthermore, the Drama Club offers students the chance to engage in an immersive performance opportunity in preparation for participating in The Scene Project. Students experience the importance of rehearsals and collaborate with artists in residence from Queensland Theatre, prior to performing their work at a professional theatre venue in front of an audience. Participation in the Drama Club builds confidence within our students and prioritises the importance of live performance.

Creative Cube Club
The Creative Cube Club offers opportunities to all students to engage in exciting art-based projects. The projects encourage the collaboration of staff and students, with each opportunity focusing on areas of the interests of staff and students alike, as well as artistic opportunities around the College. Creative Cube Club encourages the participation of all students, regardless of artistic ability; and is yet another opportunity for student involvement within the College.

Pop-Up Art Show
StuPop-up Gallery.JPGdents are invited to submit work to be part of the semesterly Pop-Up Art Show where students and staff are encouraged to vote for their favourite work with an array of prizes to be awarded. Students’ work is displayed during lunchtimes and features at the Arts Evening for further showcasing.

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