Our Vision for Learning

​​McAuley College delivers​ excellent learning and teaching.

Our Vision for Learning is informed by the principles of Hattie’s Visible Learning and is achieved through the following shared ideals:

  1. Teachers will establish high expectations for each student to maximise their learning progress and achievement.
  2. Evidence based practice (use of data) will provide for equity and excellence in classrooms. Teaching is visible, explicit and responsive to the needs of each individual student.
  3. Each student is entitled to quality teaching; having their needs and interests recognised and catered for; engaging learning that is both relevant and current; and flexibility in how they learn.

Our Vision for Learning supports a Model of Pedagogy for our teachers which will positively impact on students’ progress and achievement. This model promotes the following practices:

  • Focus on learners and their learning
  • Establish clear learning intentions and success criteria
  • Activate multiple ways of knowing, interacting and opportunities for practice
  • Respond with feedback that moves learning forward
  • Evaluate the effect of teaching on student achievement and success

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