We are so pleased you have enjoyed your tour of our website and are keen to begin the Enrolment Process. We know you and your child will be happy with your choice of McAuley College.

The College accepts completed Application Forms for students in Year 5 upwards looking to come to McAuley College for Year 7 or beyond. For students in younger grades, we are happy to accept an Expression of Interest, which we will follow up once your child moves into Year 5.

Click on the relevant link below to access the forms:​

Enrolment Overview 

Current Year Level

           Anticipated Start ​Year at            Mc​Auley College​

​Year 6 2023
Year 7 2024
Currently interviewing limited spaces left.
​Year 5 2023
​Year 7 2025

Enrolments have commenced.

​​Year 4 2023
​Year 7 2026
​Accepting enrolment applications, will commencing interviewing 2024.

Enrolment applications are also accepted for all other year levels offered at the College.  Places are offered at the discretion of the Principal.

The College will accept enrolments throughout the year, however, unless there are special circumstances new students will always commence at the beginning of a term.

For further information regarding enrolments contact the College on 5542 3000 or email mcauleyenrolments@bne.catholic.edu.au.​ ​