Living Mercy

Living MercyLiving Mercy.jpg

Catherine's Foundation, Our Story​

Gifted to the College in November 2023 by the 

F​oundation Principal, Mrs Deidre Young.


Catherine McAuley established Mercy House in Dublin, an adventure not unlike ours, delayed openings, concerned neighbours, budgetary constraints…. But she was tenacious, driven by her clear 'why'… to support young women and children, to gift them with an education.

Her door on Baggot Street was always open. A red door… a symbol of living mercy, generosity, and compassion. And here we see the same door of opportunity has been opened in Beaudesert with the blessing of the McAuley College community.

Catherine is represented as a young woman, with no defined face. It is you, us, who are now the face of Mercy in our story. We are the ones who must live mercy in our words and action each day.

We are very familiar with Catherine's boots… well worn, as she walked every day on her visits to the poor and sick. As the walking nuns, the Mercy Sisters are an example of people of action, servant leadership.

Believe, Learn and Serve, as depicted in our logo, are present in this piece. The mountain range in the back reminds us of our unique and special blessing of the Scenic Rim, the Mercy Cross a symbol of our Mercy Charism, and the water flowing with outstretched hands, representing our call to serve.

The final piece is the framing of the road with magnolia flowers, a symbol we know represents courage, strength, and beauty. They run alongside the road, like the feature hem on a tablecloth, symbolising the value of hospitality, so clearly a part of the Mercy charism and the McAuley College way, to BELONG.

And finally, you will find, shining out from amongst the magnolias some rays of sunshine… a reminder of all those who have been on the journey, to create who we are, the tapestry of McAuley College, who are no longer walking the footpaths every day. I am sure Molly would have approved of the choice of yellow… to mark the legacy that everyone who has been a part of this place has gifted us with a piece of themselves, and in return have been blessed by being part of us.

​​Created by Sue Keavney (artist) and used with permission (Nov 2023)