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 The Canteen

The Canteen will be open each day for the first lunch break, from 10.50 – 11.30 am.

Initially, the canteen will have a limited menu, offering mainly drinks, snacks, and ice blocks. On designated days, the canteen will provide a number of hot foods and more substantial lunch items such as pies, sausage rolls, pizza and sandwiches/wraps.

The canteen will operate completely cashless.

Parents and/or students will be asked to set up an account with Flexi Schools, and link it to the student’s identification (ID) card. Money can be placed into this account to cover food orders from the canteen. For hot foods and sandwiches/wraps, parents and/or students will be required to place an on-line order by 8.30 am on that particular day. These orders can then be collected by the student at the start of the first break.

Otherwise, students can visit the canteen to purchase from the range of cold drinks, snacks and ice blocks on offer, and these items will be paid for by the students using their student ID card to ‘tap’ for payment. Money must be in the account to cover the purchase.

The College Canteen will rely heavily on volunteers, parents and grandparents, to give some time each week or month to provide service. The generosity of these volunteers will ensure the Canteen can offer affordable items for our students.