Volunteers and Other Personnel

McAuley College and Brisbane Catholic Education recognise the valuable contribution you make to the educational journey of our students. As we are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all students, all staff, volunteers and others who provide service to​ our College are required to undertake Student Protection Training.

As a ‘Volunteer’ or ‘Other Personnel’, your Student Protection Training is a combination of adherence to the Code of Conduct for Volunteers and Other Personnel (you will be provided with a hard copy) and completion of an online interactive training session that takes approximately 30 minutes to complete the Volunteer and Other Personnel Registration Form which is accessible at the end of the session. Please bring this form to the Front Reception.

Please go to the Brisbane Catholic Education public site to complete this interactive training – link given below.

 If you have any trouble accessing this page by clicking the link, please contact the office and we can assist you to navigate to this page via another path.​

 Thank you for supporting Student Protection at McAuley College.