Our School Wide Behaviour Support Program

​​PB4L.jpgAt McAuley College we have adopted the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) Framework as the cornerstone for our student wellbeing approach. The PB4L Framework is research-based and has as its foremost principle a positive approach to student behaviour and development.  The PB4L framework involves planning and implementing explicitly taught behaviours consistently across the whole school to promote positive behaviour and maintain teaching and learning environments that support learning and wellbeing for all students. 

The strong connection between a student’s wellbeing and their learning is central to the philosophy and practice of PB4L.  All members of the McAuley College community are encouraged to focus on enhancing an environment of inclusivity where the values of compassion and justice permeate all activities that are engaged in. Through quality teaching and learning experiences students are challenged to make positive choices about their education. In fostering right relationships, students are encouraged to reflect upon their actions and to grow in their ability to take responsibility for their learning and developing positive relationships. All members of the College staff are responsible for teaching and promoting PB4L behaviours. 

The implementation of PB4L at McAuley College is designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • To establish a framework to student wellbeing that is positive in its approach and that is based on clear expectations for student behaviour
  • To create and maintain a culture that is based on positive regard and student engagement in their learning
  • To establish a school climate in which appropriate behaviour is the norm
  • To establish an instructional approach to behaviour that recognises that behaviour is a learnt response and therefore positive behaviours respond to ongoing education.

Acknowledging​ Positive Behaviours

At McAuley College there are numerous opportunities for our students to be recognised for living out the school learning values. In 2018​ students will be nominated for the McAuley College Spirit Cup by staff and students in recognition of their efforts in living out the values and positive behaviours of the College.  This perpetual cup is awarded on assemblies throughout the year.  Students can also receive Postcards sent home by their teachers to acknowledge and recognise their efforts in upholding the school learning values.  On a daily basis students are recognised by staff for upholding the learning values through praise and individual teacher initiatives within their own classrooms. 

For further information, click the below link  to read the McAuley College School Wide Behaviour Support Plan. ​

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Plan January 2018.pdf